Lindy Batchelor and I went to Blaxland High School to be part of the opening performance of Wendy Blaxland’s play about the first crossings of the Blue Mountains.

We are so proud of our Wendy Blaxland. Lindy and I were enthralled, entranced and drawn right inside Wendy’s beautifully written script. The 3 actors, Carl Batchelor, Lisa Bluthal and James Lee (under the direction of Terry Ryan) brought her words alive.

They moved smoothly between a host of characters with charm, wit and skill… and they sing! THe plot is interwoven with an original musical score! I particularly liked the way Wendy has handled the sensitive indigenous point of view.

I also admire the way her family were there to proudly give full support and her collaboration with her daughter Jess is very special.

The Crossing fully deserved the standing ovation it received. I urge everyone to go along and see the Crossing. This play will become a very important part of our Australian history.