Cover_Indigo_smLast year I saw an article in the paper called ‘All Aboard on the Indigo Express’.
The article was about a young girl called Indigo who had dyslexia.
She was working hard to overcome her reading problems and together with her mother, she had started a fund to raise money to help other kids with learning problems.

This idea appealed to me.

I contacted Catriona (mother) and suggested we make a picture book of Indigo’s story.
I thought a book like this could help other kids who are having similar problems.

So it is that this book, Indigo Solves the Pzulze, came about.
All proceeds from this project will be donated to the Indigo Express Fund-
which is a not for profit fund under the umbrella of the Sydney Community Foundation.

The lovely illustrations were created by a young new illustrator named Sophie

Books will be available in bookshops through Dennis Jones, Indigo Express ( or through me – Wendy Fitzgerald (

You can read reviews of Indigo Solves the Pzulze on this website.

Here is a newsclip featuring the launch of Indigo Solves the Pzulze.