Sunday 9th December we had a launch for ‘Indigo Solves the Pzulze’ at the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence in Redfern.

It was a terrific success. Thank you Catriona and her team.

Ros Strong spoke from the Sydney Community Foundation

Indigo read a speech

I stood up and talked about how I was inspired to write this from an article i saw in the SMH last year.

Graeme Innes- The Commissioner for Disabilities

Ian Rothwell – CEO of Multi Lit at Macquarie Uni

Anita Heiss- Aboriginal writer and among heaps of other things- an ambassador for the National Year of Reading.

We sold 60 something books, raised $1500 for the Indigo Express Fund and channel 9 were there…. and we were on the channel 9 news. Who would’ve thought?

Life is full of surprises.  Who knows where this might go next?