by Wendy Fitzgerald
IMG_2717 IMG_2757 IMG_2804
Hotel Sully in Paris taken
through the frame of a
stone sculpture.
Windows in Rue de Birague through the reflection of a
motor bike mirror.

Anyone can take travel photos.

You just point the camera and click the button. Right?

The trick to getting interesting photos is being on the look-out for unusual angles.

Try taking a shot framed by a window or an interesting sculpture.

Find that lamp post that is just a little off-centre.

You can get a different view by shooting a reflection in a rear view mirror.

IMG_2820 IMG_2916 IMG_2802
Rows of objects can draw in the eye. Get down at an angle and
shoot just a little off-centre.
There is something about symmetry and order
that is pleasing to the eye.


IMG_2911 IMG_2816 IMG_2815

Frame your shot carefully so as to cut out the messy bits.

Add people doing ordinary things. The inclusion of people can make your shots much more interesting.

Photography involves more than ‘point and click’ with you camera on the automatic setting.

Excellent photographs can be attributed to variations of light, shutter speed, aperture, white balance etc.

But the photos that stand out are those taken from an unusual angle with a slightly off-beat view of the world.