There are some fabulous workshops happening at the Sydney Story Factory in Redfern.

On Sunday 12th October I went to their Sunday Writing session. It’s open to kids aged 7-12. Helen Coolican runs it. Under her guidance the kids are coming up with some outstanding work. She’s just produced the Home book which includes lots of the kid’s stories about Redfern and the surrounding area. It’s for sale for $20- all money goes to SSF.

That same afternoon I was in the Kid’s In Philanthropy (KIP) session. Matt led a terrific workshop where the kids made up stories about the people living in an apartment block. Excellent.

Both Matt and Helen are wonderful teachers. I love the way that kid’s ideas are valued at the Sydney Story Factory (or the Martian Embassy) The crazier and more creative their ideas are – the better. That is what makes kids into good problem solvers and it develops their imaginations. That’s what we all need in this mad world. A lot of the old ways we do things are not working any more. We need to invent new ways.

It’s the good problem solvers who will shape our future.

I’ve booked myself into a few interesting workshops this term at SSF- Redfern on film, bird poetry and a few others. More good fun.