Lots of things have been happening at the Sydney Story Factory lately. I was helping with 2 workshops in the school holidays. Matt ran the holiday program and he is a terrific teacher. He relates to the kids really well.

Thurs 4th July – Animation. They had some people from Oracle Computers there with a fabulous animation program. The kids had to write a story as if it was a movie and then animate a small scene – like a movie trailer. Fantastic what is possible with computers.

Tues 9th July- Kid’s Zine.  Matt had some people from Time out magazine come to talk to the kids about how a magazine is put together. They then worked together to produce their own Zine. Again, a wonderful workshop.

I have put my name down at 2 book making workshops in August. The Sydney Story Factory turns 1 in August. What a fabulous idea it is. I’m glad it’s going so well.